TheScent Perfume Store Prestashop Responsive Theme is designed to create store for sale products like Perfume, Scent, Watch, Jewelry, Bags, Accessories, Flowers, Beauty, Cosmetic, Gift etc
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几乎所有拥有电子商务网站的人都熟悉PrestaShop. It’s an open source software packed with a lot of features and available to everyone for free! It’s a lot easier to manage as compared to other eCommerce software like Magento and OpenCart. 此外,还有大量的PrestaShop时尚主题供您选择.


如果你是一家时装公司的老板, 或者只是想为每个人提供时尚衣橱的人, 你需要一个在线销售产品的平台. However, 为了推销你的衣服, bags, hats, belts, 时尚饰品, suits, 或者鞋子, 你需要自己的网站和正确的主题选择.

In building your own website, you have to make sure it can cater the needs of your customers. 因为你的大部分顾客都是时尚达人, 你的网站应该有吸引人的界面. 它还应该包含一个高级时装网站的必备功能和特点. So what are these necessary features which you can also find in our high-end fashion Prestashop themes? 让我们来看看!

  • 100%响应式设计
  • 不管你喜不喜欢, responsive design is no longer optional; rather, 它现在是任何网站设计的基本元素. 平板电脑使用量的大幅增加, smartphones, 其他移动设备促使每个网站管理员想出一个响应式设计. 有一个响应式网站, you can display your content to everyone regardless of the device and browser they’re using to access your site. Thus, 即使你的客户主要使用智能手机, 他们总是可以在你的网上商店进行所有交易.

    The good news is that all PrestaShop templates available on our site come with a responsive design feature. Moreover, 因为响应性现在是每个设计的标准, 你也可以期待它们对移动设备友好.

  • 多种页面布局
  • PrestaShop themes that come with a wide variety of page layouts will allow you to try and figure out which layout your visitors want. 寻找一个布局,以展示您的特色产品在一个单一的页面? 想要一个部分的客户反馈和推荐? 需要一个页面来写博客? 我们的主题将为您解决所有这些问题. Picking from one of our fashion themes will allow you to access multiple page layouts for more diversity to your site.

  • 社交分享功能
  • 如今,社交对企业来说非常重要, 考虑它如何帮助您快速轻松地分发内容. By integrating your online fashion shop’s social media account with the sharing buttons, 你可以让你的客户在他们的圈子里分享你的内容. Maintaining an active social media account also allows you to get in touch with your audience. 你可以宣布你的男女时尚产品的特别优惠和促销活动, 展示你的最新交易, and more.

    Thankfully, our selection of fashion themes has built-in advanced social sharing features. 不再需要手动安装插件.

  • 快速方便的导航
  • 对于网上商店, 尤其是卖男装的那家, women, or children, 导航非常重要. 好的导航可以帮助新客户毫无问题地找到他们需要的东西. 与此同时,糟糕的导航会让人困惑,并导致他们放弃你的网站.

    但是什么是好的导航呢? The idea is to provide your visitors with a clear path that they can follow from the landing page to the checkout section. 不管你的访问者在你的网站的哪个位置登陆, 他们应该能够快速浏览您的网站,没有任何麻烦. In most cases, this includes presenting only the most important pages in your main navigation while placing less important categories on drop-down menus or your site’s footer.

  • MegaMenu特性
  • Mega Menu allows you to customize your menus and display static content depending on your categories. It is an incredibly useful feature for online fashion shops as it lets you take control of your existing menus and turn them into user-friendly and accessible menus with only a few clicks. For example, 你可以安排男士专属的菜单, 女性的服装, wedding attire, and so on.


    我们收藏了大量的主题, 为你的时装店寻找合适的主题可能是一个挑战. 为了解决这个问题, we have prepared these tips that will help you find a design that caters you and your customers’ needs:

  • 选择一个易于定制的主题. 这将允许您自定义您的在线商店,但你想要的. 因为网上有很多时装店, you need to create a branding that is unique and will set you apart from your competitors.
  • 寻找一个主题,有很棒的和优质的自定义字体. 我们选择的模板具有自定义字体, 你可以根据自己的口味来选择.
  • 因为你的网站会有你产品的图片, 你需要选择一个带有视频库的主题, 全屏滑块, image slider, 还有一个产品页面灯箱.
  • 如果你打算开拓国际市场, 你最有可能选择哪一个, 您需要一个支持多币种交易的主题. There are themes in our site that accept currencies in more than 200 different countries around the world.
  • 通过博客帮助你的客户更多地了解你的网站和产品. 这也可以帮助你发布公告, 尤其是当你有特价和促销活动的时候.
  • Don’t forget to choose the themes that feature a review or customer testimonial section. 这是一个非常有用的工具,可以作为您的免费广告. 因为顾客很可能会在成功购买后留下评论, 这将帮助你接触到更广泛的受众,仅仅是推荐.
  • 在线时尚产业规模巨大. 没有能力给你的目标受众留下好的第一印象, 你将无法利用互联网的巨大潜力. 通过选择合适的PrestaShop主题, 在你的利基市场,你绝对有机会与其他在线商店竞争.